How to Change a Name on Student Loans

Don't forget to change your name on loan documents after getting hitched.
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After a trip down the aisle and changing your name, you’ll have many accounts to update. You’ll need to update your driver’s license, Social Security file and all other accounts, including student loans. Change the name on student loans and other accounts to keep everything current and help the credit bureaus link up your new name to your existing credit information. Updating account information also keeps your tax records consistent.

Step 1

Get a certified copy of your marriage certificate if you don’t already have one. Visit the VitalRec website and click on the state in which you tied the knot. You may be able to order one online or you may have to submit a written request for your marriage certificate. Expect to pay a fee when placing your order.

Step 2

Contact the lender to find out the process for changing the name on your account. You may need a copy of your marriage certificate or you may need to show a Social Security card with your new name. If you need to submit a new Social Security card as verification of your name change, you’ll have to visit the Social Security Administration first. Bring identification and your marriage certificate to the SSA office and proceed with the steps to change your name with the SSA.

Step 3

Make a photocopy of the marriage certificate or your new Social Security card. You’ll submit the copy to the lender.

Step 4

Write a short letter to inform the lender of the name change. Include your former name and your new name, your address and your account number. Sign the letter and enclose the copy of your marriage certificate or Social Security card.

Step 5

Get the lender’s address. You’ll need to use a customer service or accounting service address. If you don’t have this address, find it on the lender’s website or call to ask where you should send the letter. Mail the letter to the lender.

Step 6

Follow up on the notification with the lender within 30 days if you haven’t received confirmation of the name change. Call the lender, providing your name and account number, and find out when the lender will process your name change.

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