How to Change the Name of a Revocable Trust to a Married Name

Changing a revocable trust is a simple matter.
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One of the benefits of a revocable trust is how easy it is to amend it when necessary due to changes in your circumstances. After a trip down the aisle, you can change the name of a revocable trust to a married name with a basic process. Once you are finished with a basic revision or amendment, your revocable trust will show your new legal name.

Step 1

Examine the revocable trust to find all incidences of the former name. Rewrite the sections of the revocable trust that contain the name on a separate piece of paper, keeping all text the same except replacing the maiden name with the married name.

Step 2

Create a trust amendment for the revocable trust on a separate piece of paper to document the name change instead of revising the revocable trust. Include the maiden name and the married name as well as the date of the marriage in the text of the amendment -- just a sentence or two. Add the date of the amendment also.

Step 3

Sign the revised trust or the trust amendment in the presence of required witnesses (if applicable) and a notary public. If you aren't sure about your state requirements, check with an attorney to make sure you execute the revised revocable trust or the trust amendment according to your state statutes; state requirements for witnesses and a notary public vary.

Step 4

File the revised trust or the trust amendment with your state court according to state requirements.

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