How to Change Your Bank of America Visa PIN

If you have a Bank of America Visa® debit or credit card and you lose or forget the PIN, you can contact the bank to change it. You can do this by visiting Bank of America's website or mobile app, going to a branch location in person or calling by phone. If you already know your PIN and just want to change it to a different number, you can also do this at an ATM.

Changing Debit Card PINs

If you already know your debit card PIN number and would like to change it, either for security purposes or just to make it something you're more likely to remember, you can do so by visiting a Bank of America ATM. Simply select "More Options" on the ATM screen and then select "Change PIN."

If you prefer to change your PIN in person, you can also drop by a Bank of America branch location. This also applies if you don't know your existing PIN. If your PIN suddenly stops working, you should contact the bank immediately, as it may be a security issue.

If you don't know your existing PIN and don't want to drop by a branch, you can also call the bank to request a new PIN or a PIN reminder, which will arrive by postal mail.

Handling Security Issues

If you are having trouble finding your physical debit card, you can use Bank of America's website or mobile banking app to temporarily lock the card. This will prevent you or anyone else from using it to make transactions. If you find the card, you can unlock it through the website or app.

If you notice fraudulent transactions on any credit or debit card, contact the bank that issued it immediately. Visa cards, both credit and debit, have a zero liability guarantee for fraudulent charges, assuming you notify the bank as soon as possible. To request a replacement card after an incident of fraud, you can call Bank of America or request a new card online.

Changing Credit Card PINs

You usually don't need a PIN for a Visa credit card, but you may need to use one if you plan to take out cash advances at ATMs or plan to use your card overseas in a country that typically uses PINs with credit cards.

To set your credit card PIN, you can use Bank of America's online banking site. From there, you can create a new PIN or change your existing PIN if you already have one. You can also request that a PIN be mailed to you by postal mail, though this naturally will take some time to receive.

If you prefer not to go online, you can also call the number on the back of your credit card to change your PIN or drop by a Bank of America branch location to change it.

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