How to Check My Green Dot Amount

Green Dot offers prepaid debit cards that are similar to using a traditional bank account. You can check your Green Dot balance in a variety of ways, including by text message or using a smartphone app. If you prefer to speak to a person, you can call Green Dot customer service with any questions.

Checking Your Balance By Text Message

You can check the balance on your Green Dot account by sending a text message to a special number once you've registered your phone number with the company. You can text "HELP" to the special number 43411 to learn how to get balance information from Green Dot by text message. Green Dot doesn't charge for this service, though your cell phone provider might charge, depending on your texting plan.

You can also configure your account to send you automatic text message alerts every day or every week when you receive a direct deposit or when your balance drops below a certain threshold. This can be useful for knowing when you've gotten paid, as well as keeping track of your balance as you use the card.

The text message service can also provide you with information about your most recent transactions or tell you about nearby places where you can add money to your Green Dot account. If you prefer, you can receive alerts sent to your email address instead of alerts sent to your phone by text message.

Using Smartphone Apps

You can also access your Green Dot balance information using the company's smartphone apps, which are available for iPhone and Android devices. The apps also enable you to see your transaction history at any time or to deposit checks by using your smartphone to take a picture of them.

Reloading Your Card

If you find your balance is running low, you can add money to your account in a variety of ways. You can receive a direct deposit from your employer or have your tax refund or federal benefits, such as Social Security payments, credited to the account.

You can also transfer funds from a traditional bank account. The bank may charge for this, but Green Dot will not. If you prefer working with paper checks, you can also deposit these to your account by taking a picture of them. You can also deposit some checks at a Walmart store, including government or payroll checks.

You can also buy a prepaid card called a MoneyPak at a retail store and use this to add money to your account or visit a store that supports adding money directly to your account at the register. A list is available on the Green Dot website and the mobile apps.

Calling Customer Service

If you have any questions you want to direct to a person, or if you need to dispute a charge on your account, you can also call Green Dot customer care by dialing 1-866-795-7597.

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