How to Check My Green Dot Amount

Call Green Dot's customer service line to check your balance.

Call Green Dot's customer service line to check your balance.

Green Dot provides prepaid debit cards associated with the Visa and MasterCard brands. Green Dot cards can be purchased with an existing set amount or can be used as reloadable debit cards that allow customers to add funds as needed. Because Green Dot cards are prepaid, purchases are debited directly from the card's balance and no line of credit is involved with card usage. Since ATM withdrawals and purchases are debited directly, checking your Green Dot card balance regularly, either by Internet or phone, will allow you to avoid having your card declined due to insufficient funds.


Log on to

Locate the "account login" area in the upper right corner of the page. Enter your user identification and password in these fields.

Create a password if this is your first time logging in to your Green Dot account online. When choosing a password, pick one that is complex enough to protect your account's access but one that you will remember. For example, your password may be a combination of your pet's name, with the first letter capitalized, followed by a significant number, such as your wedding anniversary.

Your Green Dot card amount will be shown on the the following page once you log in.


Call Green Dot customer support at 866-795-7597 for a balance inquiry. Have your card number and expiration date ready to enter.

To receive text messages about your card balance, register on the Green Dot website to set up texting capabilities with the company. Once registered, you'll be able to text Green Dot when you want to check your card amount and receive a text showing your remaining balance.

Log on to your Green Dot account and click on the "request account alerts" link for automatic texts with your updated card balance sent to your phone regularly. When setting up this feature you can request that these automatic alerts be emailed to you as well.


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