Can I Load My NetSpend Card With a Credit Card?

A NetSpend card is a prepaid debit card you can whip out wherever Visa and MasterCard are accepted. It works like a bank account, which means you have to deposit funds onto the card first. You can load funds onto your card in a variety of ways, though adding money via a credit card is not an option.

Credit Card Loads

As of November of 2012, NetSpend does not allow direct reloads from a credit card. The company does not give a reason why, though it's a common policy throughout similar financial institutions meant to cut down on fraud and loss.

Direct Deposit

You can opt to have your paycheck or other income directly deposited to your NetSpend card instead of a traditional bank account. To use this option, you will have to give your boss a routing number and account number. In other words, it works the same way as a direct deposit.

Reload in Person

You can always use cash or checks to feed the card. That can be done at retailers like gas stations, grocery stores, Western Union and check cashing stores. If you don't have your card with you, you'll have to buy a NetSpend Reload Pack to add funds. It'll cost you, though: most retailers charge $4.95 for a reload pack and you can only load $500 at a time.

Other Transfers

If you've got a United States bank account, you can transfer money from it to a NetSpend card. PayPal transfers work as well, though it takes a couple of business days to show up in your account.



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