How to Calculate Mortgage Amortizations

A mortgage amortization is the schedule by which you'll have to make payments to satisfy your new home loan. It takes you from your very first month of payment right on down to the final month of the final year of your loan. Calculating mortgage amortizations and displaying the information in table format is a breeze when you use an online mortgage calculator.

Calculate mortgage amortizations using the APB Pole Barns loan amortization tool. Instead of displaying the table in your browser window, the tool generates a Microsoft Excel (.xls file extension) spreadsheet containing the information. Just insert the information about your loan and click "Calculate" to retrieve a custom .xls file for your loan. This is an ideal selection if you want to keep the table on hand for future reference as you pay off the mortgage.

Download the amortization spreadsheet offered by HSBC bank to calculate loan terms. The file is available in Microsoft Excel format but may also load in other spreadsheet programs that load .xls files. Simply load the spreadsheet and plug in figures about your loan within the spreadsheet program. When you press F9, the file automatically calculates and displays the amortization schedule.

Create a table using the Bret Whissel amortization calculator. After you enter all details, check the "Show Amortization Schedule" box to continue. The amortization table displays at the bottom with monthly calculations of the split between interest and principal. This table also shows both your cumulative interest and principal paid.

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