Where to View My Mortgage Statement

Your mortgage statement provides you a monthly picture of your loan. It contains your rate, your balance, your payments and any charges incurred during the statement period. There are multiple ways you can view your mortgage statement, most of them quick and simple, allowing you to monitor and keep your mortgage current.

By Mail

The majority of lenders send your monthly statements through the mail. These are sent typically a couple of weeks in advance of your payment date. The paper statement contains all pertinent information to the loan such as the balance, the amount due, the due date and the amount of interest charged. These statements drop on the same day each month so if you haven’t gotten yours around that time, contact the lender to obtain a copy. It is also important to inform your lender if your address changes so it can make sure you get your statements at the new address.


Some lenders offer the option to turn off paper statements and opt for e-statements instead. Rather than mailing you a physical statement, the lender will send an email to an address that you designate. The email will contain the statement as an attachment or a link to view the document online. The e-statement contains the same information as a paper statement.


When you sign up for online banking with a lender, you can access your current and historic statements online. You log on to the lender’s website using a user name and password of your choosing. Once on the site, you typically select an option to “View Statements,” and a list of available statements will appear on screen. You click the one you wish to view and it will open in a new window, often as a .pdf file. At this point, you can view, print or save the file to a storage device.

In Person

If all else fails, you can go to the lender’s office and request a copy of your statement. Because of privacy laws, you will have to provide ID to prove that you are the account holder. But once the representative verifies your identity, she can print a copy for you. While there, it is a good idea to verify the delivery method on your statements and change it to best suit your needs.

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