How to Calculate Interest on U.S. Savings Bonds

U.S. savings bonds are secure investments.
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United States savings bonds are a popular way to save money and earn a market return. The interest rates on savings bonds change every six months, in May and November, based on inflation and the current market trends. When considering cashing out your bond, keep in mind that the accrued interest is not applied until the end of the six-month accrual period; if you cash out prior to this time, you lose the interest for the previous six months. The interest is earned for as long as 30 years, but you can cash out sooner. If you cash your bond within the first five years, you're penalized for the most recent three months’ interest earnings.

Step 1

Locate an online savings bond calculator. Unless you have a complete record of past interest rates, this is the most accurate way to calculate interest on your U.S. savings bond.

Step 2

Enter your savings bond information. The calculator will ask you the type of savings bond that you purchased, whether it is a series EE, E or I, or a savings note. Enter this information along with the face value of the bond when you purchased it. You'll also need to know the month and year it was issued. Entering the serial number of your savings bond is optional, but it can help you distinguish one from another if you have more than one to calculate.

Step 3

Click "Calculate," "Add This Savings Bond" or a similar phrase to find out the interest on your savings bond. The calculation results screen shows you all the information for the bond that you entered. This includes the issue date, the face amount, the current interest rate and the amount of interest that your bond has earned.

Step 4

Add any additional bonds you have to calculate by clicking "To Add More Bonds, Click Here" or a similar phrase. This gives you the option of viewing the information for all of your savings bonds in one place.

Step 5

Print the results page for your records. Some calculators require you to save your bond information before printing out the information. If this is the case, simply enter your email address or create an account. Follow the prompts to print the information.

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