How do I Buy Homeowners Insurance Online?

Take advantage of the convenience of getting insurance quotes online.
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Using the Internet can be a convenient way to shop for and purchase homeowner insurance. You can compare the products and prices offered by numerous insurance companies before choosing a policy that suits your particular needs. Selecting the right policy for your homeowner insurance can take time and research. Because policies and the coverage each offers can be confusing, it pays to do your homework. With more choices available for purchasing homeowner insurance online, comparison-shopping is getting easier.

Step 1

Compare rates from several different insurers. Many insurance companies and agents offer free quotes online. You can also use online insurance comparison websites. These sites are designed to ask you a series of questions before forwarding your information to leading insurance companies, which will then provide you with quotes.

Step 2

Review all quotes carefully. An insurance quote includes more than just the amount you will pay each month. Look for the amount of coverage you would receive under a policy. Take a look at any special options that a company offers. Note, too, whether there are limitations on the coverage you want. Bear in mind that the least expensive insurance policy might not necessarily be your best choice.

Step 3

Narrow down the list of companies to just a few based on the best quotes you receive. Research each company and remove any from your list that do not seem reputable. Perform Internet searches on each company to find customer comments and ratings. Ask your friends and family members if they carry insurance with any of the companies. Check the information on a company’s website to find out more about its history and the services it offers.

Step 4

Select one or two insurance companies from which you would consider purchasing your homeowner’s insurance. Visit the website for each to see how much customer support the company offers. Make sure that a company’s website is safe and secure. Both the company’s privacy and security policies should be published on its website. Check whether the site encrypts private and sensitive information.

Step 5

Look to see if the company offers a buyer’s checklist after selecting the insurance provider from which you want to request a final quote. A checklist can help you determine how much, as well as what kinds of insurance coverage protection you need.

Step 6

Gather together the information you will need to apply for insurance. If you aren’t sure how much it would cost to rebuild your home and replace your belongings, calculate the amount before signing up for a specific policy. CNN Money recommends knowing your home’s value and replacement cost before you choose a policy. You want to purchase enough coverage to pay for your losses should an insurable event occur.

Step 7

Request a final insurance quote. Make certain beforehand that you can request a quote without obligating yourself to purchase insurance from the company. Print out the quote so that you can review the details. Check to see that the quote you receive closely matches the first quote you obtained from the company, especially if you received the initial quote through a comparison shopping website. Look over the terms of the policy in detail to ensure that it fits your needs.

Step 8

Contact the insurance provider or broker by phone or email if you have questions before submitting your final application online. Inquire whether you will be responsible for paying all or part of the premium upfront. Take your time when submitting your application and any payments so that you don’t make any errors.

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