How to Change the Insurance on a New Car

Your insurance agent will help with all the datails of changing car insurance.
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Changing the insurance on a new car, whether transferring the existing policy from your trade-in, adding a new car or making changes to the policy is a fairly easy endeavor. Insurance laws vary from state-to-state, but generally you are free to change insurance companies and policy details at any time. Especially when buying a new car, changing around your policy or switching providers may save money and get you the protection you need.

Step 1

Call your insurance company and get a quote for the new car, then call several others to compare rates for the same coverage.

Step 2

Decide on the coverage and company and ask what type of documentation you'll need. Most auto dealers and banks will work directly with the insurance company to push the deal through quicker.

Step 3

Obtain an insurance binder from the insurance company, as you'll often need one before the auto loan is finalized or the vehicle is registered. The insurance binder is a document that tells whomever needs to know that you are insured.

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