The Best, Cheap Wedding Giveaways

Wedding favors or giveaways should echo the theme of your wedding.
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Everyone knows that weddings can get pricey. From the planning stages to the honeymoon, brides, grooms and their parents are bombarded with bills for dresses, tuxedos, flowers, catering, the venue and more. Brides and grooms can cut costs in a multitude of ways including purchasing cheap wedding giveaways or giveaway components -- and making them work as favors.

Frames and Coasters

Small picture frames or photo coasters that you can purchase in bulk from party-supply companies or box stores make an excellent base for a wedding giveaway. You can place a frame or coaster at each place setting and insert your guest's name card or a picture of the venue. Glass or acrylic frames with frosted edges add a touch of sophistication, while frames with engraved sayings set the tone for an intimate affair.


Edible giveaways are very popular. Guests who spend a long day dancing, socializing and listening to speeches are often exhausted by the time they leave. Edible treats provide fuel for the trip home. Consider filling small mesh bags or fabric squares with jelly beans, your favorite candy, cookies, homemade jam, or customized monogrammed candies. Tying them with a ribbon in your wedding colors will set off the treat. To create the giveaways, have a stuffing party with your bridal party and nibble on the extras.

Personal Care

Personal care items are a great option for inexpensive wedding giveaways. A homemade or store-bought candle wrapped in monogrammed card stock and tied with a ribbon or piece of twine is simple and elegant. You can find recipes for homemade lip balm, shower gel, and bath salts online -- and then package them in containers you find in craft stores. Consult local companies to see if they can make up a special blend in your favorite scent that you can buy in bulk.

Destinations and Holidays

Take inspiration from the location of your wedding. A glass bottle filled with sand and a love note, topped with a shell-embellished cork is reminiscent of the perfect day at the beach. Dried and framed wildflowers remind guests of the rolling fields of an outdoor wedding, while sampler bottles of gourmet maple syrup can also reflect an area. Another idea is to channel your inner artist by hand-painting a simple design and the date of your wedding on plain Christmas ornaments, giving your guests a holiday keepsake of your special day.

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