How to Apply for a PC Richard & Son's Credit Card

PC Richard & Sons is a discount electronics and appliance retailer with stores throughout the northeastern United States. The company offers consumers a branded credit card backed by GE Capital and distributed both in stores and online. The card is good for all purchases and provides customers with special programs like interest-free purchases on certain items.

Find the PC Richard & son location nearest to you with the company's online Store Locator. As of June 2012, there are locations in cities throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut as well as a single store in Philadelphia. Click on the branch nearest you to find out the telephone number, hours of operation and directions to the store.

Gather your valid picture identification and proof of monthly income. Go to the store and look for the customer service counter. Inform the customer service personnel that you wish to apply for a PC Richard credit card and they will provide you with the necessary forms and process the application.

Apply for your PC Richard & Son credit card online if you cannot find a branch that is near enough to you to make an in-store application practical. Visit the online application page and complete some basic information including your name and address, driver's license number, income and housing costs. You will be asked to select paper or electronic statements and whether you wish to join the optional "Debt Security Plus" program as a paid protection against a loss of income or other unforeseen circumstances.

Select whether you wish to add a second cardholder to your account and read through the credit card agreement terms and conditions carefully. The interest rate for the account as well as the minimum payment and cardholder responsibilities are all outlined clearly and will require your final approval before you can submit the application. Click the "Accept & Submit" button to verify your agreement and wait for your instant approval or denial.

Items you will need

  • Valid ID
  • Pay stubs


  • While the approval process for your PC Richard credit card is instant whether you sign up online or in the store, processing time can take up to 10 days before your new card is issued and you receive it by mail. You will get a temporary account number at the time of approval. Save this number and use it for online purchases until your card arrives.
  • Your PC Richard credit card account can be managed online through the GE Capital website. The site allows you to see debts and credits as well as make payments online anytime.


  • Never submit personal information or financial details if solicited through an email or over the phone.

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