How to Add a Fiance to a Bank Account

Add your fiancé to your bank account when you decide its time to combine finances.

Add your fiancé to your bank account when you decide its time to combine finances.

Marriage is not only a union of two lives -- it's also a union of finances. Rather than opening a new bank account, adding your fiancé's name to your already established account can make the transition from single to married less hectic. Combining finances is a big step because it allows your fiancé full access to the funds in your account, but it also makes things more convenient when paying bills or saving up for your wedding day.

Visit your local bank branch with your fiancé. Banks won't let you add him to your account without his presence. Take along several proofs of your fiancé's identity, such as his Social Security card and state ID or driver's license.

Fill out any paperwork required by the bank to add your fiancé to your account. The bank representative will have him sign a signature card, which is a form of protection for your account. Banks compare the signature on a signature card to the signature on a check to prevent cashing fraudulent checks.

Order a debit card for your fiancé, as well as new checks that include your fiancé's name. It might take a week or two to receive the new checks and debit card, but your fiancé will have access to the account almost immediately.


  • Some banks allow you to add someone to your bank account using the bank's website; however, you'll still have to provide proof of your fiancé's identity.

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