How to Change Your Address & Name on a Tax ID

Marriage often involves two big changes – a new name and a new address. When you file tax returns, apply for loans and update your records at work, you’ll need your name and Social Security number to match government records. This avoids issues later when you submit important documents. Changing the name and address associated with your tax ID involves a little paperwork and a certified copy of your marriage license or other applicable court documents. To change your name and address on record, you’ll need to file a form with the Social Security Administration and the Internal Revenue Service.

Update Your Social Security Number

Go to the Social Security Administration website at ssa.gov and download Form SS-5.

Complete Form SS-5. List your new and old names in the appropriate spaces and provide your new mailing address. The address you provide on the application doesn’t update your address with the Internal Revenue Service -- it simply tells the SSA where to send your new card.

Gather your verification documents. These include a current, unexpired state ID or driver’s license and a certified copy of your marriage license. If the name change is due to a divorce or other legal reason, get a certified copy of the court order associated with the change.

Take your verification documents and application to your local Social Security office, or mail them to your local office. Once your information is verified, you’ll receive your new card in the mail within 10 business days. Your card will show your old Social Security number and new name.

Update Your Tax ID Address

Receive your new Social Security card. Your name and Social Security number shown on documents you send to the IRS must match. Once you receive your new card, your new name has been updated on your SSA file.

Download Form 8822 from the IRS website.

Complete the form. Include your new name, Social Security number and prior name. If you’re married and file a joint return, list your spouse’s name and Social Security number. List the old and new addresses for each person you list on the form.

Sign and date the application. If your spouse is included on the form, your spouse’s signature is also required. Mail the application to the IRS address shown in the instructions. You don’t need to send any additional documents with the application.


  • If you're changing the name and address associated with a small-business Employer Identification Number (EIN), write the new name and address on your business income tax return and check the "Name Change" and "Address Change" boxes. If the business is registered with the state, you must file name change documents or amended organizational documents before you file a return bearing the new name.
  • After you receive your new Social Security card, update your driver's license or state-issued ID. Bring your new card and a certified copy of your marriage license, or court document ordering the new name, to your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

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