8 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Favors

Make your own wedding favors with flowers.
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If you’re like many couples these days, chances are you’re footing the bill for your wedding, or at least a good portion of the expenses. Even if you have parents willing to plunk down some serious cash for the big day, it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways to save money, including providing inexpensive yet creative wedding favors and mementos.

Step 1

Make homemade goodies such as cookies or brownies and place them in jars tied with colorful ribbons. According to Martha Stewart, there’s no rule that says you have to buy wedding favors. And your guests will appreciate the thoughtful effort.

Step 2

Cut pieces of a special material to make pouches for a unique wedding favor. For example, use some velveteen and tie pieces together with ribbons to hold a handful of almonds or get out the glitter and glue to decorate cheap, plain picture frames.

Step 3

Visit your local dollar store and stock up on cute figurines, glass jewel boxes and candles. With a little bow and a note of thanks, even tiny inexpensive gifts can serve to extend your gratitude for your guests’ attendance.

Step 4

Stick a lottery ticket under each plate at your reception or tape them underneath chairs if you live in a state that offers the games. Ask the DJ to direct guests to the tickets as part of the festivities.

Step 5

Create a CD of love songs or a compilation of the songs you used for the wedding service. You can buy a package of writeable CDs for a song and then create a picture to insert in the equally cheap jewel cases.

Step 6

Give each guest a package of flower or vegetable seeds attached to a poem or note that describes how your love will blossom and grow in the coming years.

Step 7

Take a photo of you and your spouse and have it imprinted on a magnet, pin or coffee mug. You can order custom-designs like magnets, stickers and other novelties in bulk to spread out the costs of the initial set-up charges and give a truly customized party favor to your guests.

Step 8

Arrange tiny bouquets of flowers for each guest. Use local buds in season and embellish them with pine cones, berries, ribbons and other inexpensive non-floral items.

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