How to Track Bonds Using CUSIP

Using the CUSIP number and the Fidelity search tool, you can track your U.S. bonds.

Using the CUSIP number and the Fidelity search tool, you can track your U.S. bonds.

A CUSIP number, or Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures number, is a unique nine-digit identification number assigned to most securities. Investors typically track a bond's CUSIP to ensure the issuer properly applies interest and to process and settle trades. The first six numbers of a bond's CUSIP number identify the bond's issuer, the two letters identify the bond's type, and the last number helps authenticate the CUSIP number. To track a bond by its CUSIP, use a CUSIP search tool available on one of several investment research websites.

Call your broker and ask for the bond's CUSIP number if you don't already know the number.

Go to a financial or investment research website that offers a free bond search tool and allows you to track a bond by the CUSIP number. There are several available throughout the Internet, including Standard & Poor's, Quantum and Fidelity. Depending on the website, you might have to sign up for an account.

Type the bond's CUSIP number in the search tool and select "CUSIP" as the search option.

Click the appropriate button to begin searching for a bond by its CUSIP. The tool will search and display information about the bond, including interest payments, maturity date and price.

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