Thrifty Ideas to Save Money

Plug your computer into a power strip to save on your utility bill.
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A thrifty lifestyle is often associated with sacrificing comfort, but you don't need to wear holey shoes or forgo heat until midwinter to save. Finding a balance between your inner cheapskate and big spender lets you enjoy life while still saving money. Your thriftiness pays off in the form of a bigger savings account balance or more breathing room in the budget.

Date Night In

Date nights give you a chance to reconnect with your partner, but, between a meal and entertainment, they can also cost a lot of money. Instead of a night on the town, stay in for your date night. Kick off the romance by cooking dinner together. There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained at home after you eat, depending on your preferences. Consider a game night with a little friendly competition, a movie marathon, a moonlight stroll around the neighborhood, stargazing or massages.

Ask for Discounts

Sometimes asking is all you need to do to receive a discount. Whether you're purchasing a new TV at the electronics store or buying insurance for your new home, companies are often willing to give at least a small discount. Even if the answer is no, you're not out anything. In the best-case scenario, you pay less for something you wanted to buy anyway.

Use Power Strips

Your computer might be turned off, but if the cord is plugged into an outlet, it is still drawing power. Cell phone chargers and other electrical items waste energy when left plugged in, which means your utility bill is higher. When you shut off the lights to conserve energy, unplug electrical items not in use. A power strip is an easy way to shut off the power to these energy-wasters. Flip the strip to the off position to save energy and money.

Review Insurance Coverages

If you haven't reviewed your insurance coverages in a few years, you could be spending extra money. Take a look at all of your insurance policies, such as homeowners and auto. Make sure all of the coverages are adequate and still relevant. If you had extra insurance on an antique that you no longer own, get it taken off the policy. Make sure all safety and security devices are reflected on the policy as a discount. You can also decrease your insurance costs by raising your deductibles. Comparison shop with different insurance companies to find the cheapest insurance options.

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