My Tax Return Check Has Been Fraudulently Cashed

Contact the IRS when you have refund check issues.

Contact the IRS when you have refund check issues.

When you’re expecting a tax refund in the form of a check, you may be watching the mail closely to receive it. One reason the Internal Revenue Service recommends that taxpayers receive electronic refunds is the added security with this payment method. If your tax return check has been fraudulently cashed, the IRS has procedures in place for reporting the theft. As long as your situation meets IRS guidelines, you should be able to receive a replacement check.

Get Form 3911 from the IRS. Visit the IRS website to download it or call the IRS at 800-829-3676.

Complete Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the form, signing the form exactly the way you signed your income tax return. Mail the form to the same address to which you mailed your return.

Wait while the IRS processes your form and initiates a trace on the refund check. After the IRS verifies that your check was stolen, you will receive a manual reissue of a new refund check. This process may take up to six weeks.

Contact the IRS at the facility where you mail your income tax returns if you do not receive a response from the IRS within six weeks of mailing Form 3911. Ask for an update on the status of your stolen refund check.


  • If you endorsed your refund check but another person cashed it without your consent, the IRS cannot issue you a replacement check, according to the IRS. For this reason, never endorse a refund check until you are at the bank and ready to cash it.
  • If someone steals your refund check after you endorse it, contact local law enforcement officials to report the theft.

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