How to Sell Stocks on E-Trade

Selling stock on Etrade can be as exciting as being on the floor.

Selling stock on Etrade can be as exciting as being on the floor.

Opening an account at eTrade put you in the driver's seat with regards to your stock investments. You studied the markets and chose your purchases with care. Now the time has come to sell and you want to get the best return possible on your investments. Examining what it takes to sell stocks on eTrade before actually doing it, will help you avoid pitfalls and disaster.

Research the stocks you are thinking about selling. It is easy to get caught up in a panic when you see Wall Street plummet on a given day; however, decisions based in panic are not always the best decisions. Choose the stocks you want to sell by checking the long-term history of those stocks and comparing their activities against others in the same arena. If you're selling because they've done well and you want a profit, make sure it is the best time to sell. Only sell if you feel the stocks won't make significant gains in the near future.

Check with an eTrade adviser. While the ultimate decision to sell is yours, going online and bouncing your plan off a paid professional might help you avoid a costly mistake. In addition, the adviser can help you navigate the system as you get ready to sell your stocks.

Open the trading and portfolios tab on the eTrade site. Choose the stock that you wish to sell and click on "trade" from the list of options available. Enter "sell" when the window prompts you to choose an option.

Input how many shares you wish to sell of each stock you are naming. Choose the "Market" listing when prompted to name the kind of stock you are putting up for sale.

Preview your sale order carefully. A mistake in the number of shares you chose, or clicking on the wrong stock to sell, could mean that you end up sleeping on the couch for a week. Make sure before saving the changes that you're certain you want to save those changes.

Save changes and log out or go back to the home screen to continue working on your portfolio.

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