How to Search Stocks by Price

Stock prices can fluctuate in an instant.
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Investing can seem complicated, especially when it comes to stocks. What with having to learn about factors such as price-earnings ratios and market capitalization, it's a wonder you don't just get frustrated and give up. Sometimes, you just want to bring it down to basics, that is, specify a stock price and place an order to buy. Online stock screeners make finding stocks by price easy.

Step 1

Use an online stock screener. As of 2012, many are available, often free of charge. and Yahoo! Finance offer reputable screening services.

Step 2

Type into the screener the per-share price you seek. You often are able to enter a price range.

Step 3

Add any other parameters you like from the available options. Trading volume, price-earnings ratio, market capitalization and stock exchange are possibilities.

Step 4

Click the "Submit" button and survey the resulting screen for your stock listings.

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