How to Search Stocks by Price

Stock prices can fluctuate in an instant.

Stock prices can fluctuate in an instant.

Investing can seem complicated, especially when it comes to stocks. What with having to learn about factors such as price-earnings ratios and market capitalization, it's a wonder you don't just get frustrated and give up. Sometimes, you just want to bring it down to basics, that is, specify a stock price and place an order to buy. Online stock screeners make finding stocks by price easy.

Use an online stock screener. As of 2012, many are available, often free of charge. and Yahoo! Finance offer reputable screening services.

Type into the screener the per-share price you seek. You often are able to enter a price range.

Add any other parameters you like from the available options. Trading volume, price-earnings ratio, market capitalization and stock exchange are possibilities.

Click the "Submit" button and survey the resulting screen for your stock listings.


  • Individual stock exchanges also offer screener functions, but price might not be a search factor.

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