How to Return a New Financed Car

Talk to the dealer as soon as possible if you want to return your new car.

Talk to the dealer as soon as possible if you want to return your new car.

You may have driven off the lot happily in your brand new car, ready to enjoy your shiny new wheels. If reality set in soon after and buyer’s remorse finds you, take fast action to see whether you have options. Depending on the agreements you signed and the language contained within, you may be able to return a new financed car and recoup some of your expenditures.

Make your return decision as quickly as possible. Some auto dealers offer a 24-hour return window for new car purchases. If you think you’re going to return the vehicle, don’t drive it. Keep it in new condition.

Read your purchase paperwork carefully to learn the policies regarding buyer’s remorse and returning the financed vehicle. You should find a clause that either disallows all returns or allows returns under specific circumstances. Ensure that your return falls within the allowable circumstances before you proceed.

Contact the dealer after you decide you want to return the car. Inform a representative that you want to return the car and explain the situation. Find out what fees you may need to pay in the process of returning the car. For example, you may have to pay the first month’s interest payment.

Examine the car thoroughly before you return it to ensure that it is in the same condition it was in when you drove it off the lot. Gather your paperwork and all keys and drive the car back to the dealer.

Transfer the keys and the car back to the dealer’s possession. Sign any papers to cancel the financing and purchase. Pay any applicable fees.


  • State lemon laws protect consumers from the results of purchasing a car with significant mechanical problems. Contact your state attorney general's office for information about applicable lemon laws in your state.
  • Chrysler provides consumers a 60-day risk-free purchase option. During the first 60 days after purchasing most Chrysler vehicles, consumers may return a vehicle to the dealer. The consumer will not receive reimbursement for licensing, title, registration, taxes, insurance, dealer fees, extended warranties, finance charges and negative equity in the vehicle. In addition, consumers must pay 40 cents per mile for every mile driven up to a total of 4,000 allowable miles. Returned vehicles may not have more than $200 of damage.

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