Random Things To Know About Living in South Carolina

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South Carolina, the Palmetto state, sits in the southeastern United States between North Carolina and Georgia. Historically, it's known for being the starting point of the Civil War. The first guns were fired there on Fort Sumter, and it was the first state to secede from the Union. It has hot summers and mild winters, and an economy based on agriculture, manufacturing, trade and tourism. There are some basic business facts to know about the state, and find more at the official state website at SC.gov.

What Percent of Taxes Are Taken out of South Carolina's Gross Income?

South Carolina has a progressive state income tax, so your income determines the percentage of tax you pay. As of 2012, the tax began at 3 percent minus $84 for annual income between $2,801 to $5,600. It was 4 percent minus $140 for income between $5,601 to $8,400, 5 percent minus $221 for $8,401 to $11,200, and 6 percent minus $331 from $11,201 to $14,000. The top tax bracket of 7 percent minus $476 kicks in at $14,001. If your taxable income is $35,000, your basic state tax bill is $1,974, which is $2,400, 7 percent of $35,000, minus $476.

How Much Does Unemployment Pay in South Carolina?

State unemployment insurance is calculated on the wages paid during a base period of four quarters before a laid-off worker files his claim. It equals half of the highest quarterly wage during that period divided by 13. So, if someone's highest quarterly wages over the past year came to $6,500, his benefits come out to $250.

Does the South Carolina Lottery Take Taxes Out?

If you strike it rich to the tune of $500 or more in a lottery, the state will withhold 7 percent from your winnings to cover state income tax. You will also have 25 percent taken out of your winnings for federal taxes if you win more than $5,000. If you win less than $500, you have to report those winnings to the tax authorities as necessary.

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Marriage Certificate in South Carolina After Being Married?

Marriage certificates are issued by the probate court of your resident county. They issue marriage licenses 24 hours after couples apply for them, but they don't send out a certificate. You'll need to get that through the court, or through the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control if you tied the knot before December 2010. Turnaround times at the department are on-the-spot for office visits, five to seven days for phone and expedited mail orders, and two to four weeks for regular mail orders. You'll need to call the court to find out how long it takes to issue the certificate.

How to Check Your South Carolina State Tax Refund

Launch the SC.gov website and call up the "Information for Residents" section. Select "Taxes" in the "Residents" menu. Click the "Tax Refund Status" prompt on the "Taxes" page to launch the "Income Tax Refund Status" utility. Enter your Social Security number and the amount of your expected refund in their respective fields. Click on the "SubmitSearch" button and wait a moment for the computer to show you the expected return date. Refund information is updated every weekday at noon South Carolina time.

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