How to Price Building Interior Stairs

If you’re building a house with multiple levels, you’ll need to plan and budget for the stairs needed to get from level to level. Stairs are a regular part of home framing and construction, but they do require a different set of skills than standard wall construction, making them a bit more expensive. The national cost of building an interior staircase can range from $2,000 to $10,000 with the average at about $4,000, but this cost can be impacted by a variety of factors.

Location of Stairs

The amount of expense involved in building a staircase indoors usually depends on where the staircase is located. If it’s in a plainly obvious area, such as the main living space moving up to the next floor, then it will cost more than a staircase that is tucked away in the attic, basement or garage. This is because stairs that are only used for storage or utility don’t require the same level of design and polish as a staircase regularly on display. On average, a main staircase costs about $2,400 to build.

What Does it Look Like?

The size and materials you choose can also greatly impact the overall cost of a staircase. Wood is the material of choice for most conventional homes, which is the cheapest option at about $30 to $50 per step. However, some homes use metal or concrete for indoor staircases, which is more expensive but also more durable. Concrete costs about $300 per step, while metal costs $196 per step.

One consideration to keep in mind when planning out interior stairs is the layout of both levels the stairs will be connecting, making sure that the top and bottom of the stairs easily move throughout the floor plan. The shape of your chosen staircase can impact cost because the more complicated a staircase shape, the more costly it is. If you choose a standard shape, such as a straight, U-shaped or L-shaped staircase, then the measurements and installation will take much less time than a spiral, helical or arched staircase.

The Handrail and Railing

Finally, you must budget for the handrails and railings to ensure that your stairs are safe. These can cost between $300 and $600 total, but there are a few ways to reduce costs. Choosing wood instead of glass or metal will lower the overall cost, and they can still fit into a modern design depending on how the wood is cut. Also, the actual design of the handrails and railings can dramatically affect the final cost, so talk to your contractor about what is available with your staircase design.

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