How to Price Building Interior Stairs

Accurately pricing the building of interior stairs is essential.

Accurately pricing the building of interior stairs is essential.

Like almost any component of a home, interior stairs can be done on a budget or can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The most important factors in determining how to price the building of interior stairs are labor costs and material costs. It is important to establish a budget in advance, so that labor and material costs can be adjusted to meet expectations.

Determine whether pre-built staircases are suitable for your project. Pre-built straight stairs are typically $1,000 to $2,000 and therefore have cost-saving advantages, but may not fit perfectly into the home's style and decor.

Determine whether you want straight stairs or circular stairs, if you decide to go with a custom-built staircase. Straight stairs tend to be less expensive and easier to install, whereas a custom-built circular staircase can run $25,000 or more.

Call several carpenters and contractors in your area to provide you with quotes for the project. They can provide you with prices for the type of material you want, such as oak or mahogany, and also for their labor. Tell them if an existing staircase needs to be demolished before a new one can be installed so the cost of the demolition can be included in the quote. Ask them to include the cost of shipping in new material and the cost of removing any demolished material from the old staircase.

Consult your contractor, if using one, to ensure that any necessary building permits are acquired before construction starts. If you are not using a contractor, call your local city hall for building codes and requirements.


  • Building your own interior stairs is not a DIY project to be tackled over the weekend. Installing stairs, even from a pre-made kit, requires experience and the help of at least one other individual. Because the soundness of a staircase is so important, it is advisable to hire an experienced carpenter or contractor.


  • If demolishing an existing interior staircase, make sure you, your contractor or your carpenters dispose of the materials properly. Improper disposal of the demolished materials can result in fines from the city.

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