Is Will Preparation Tax Deductible?

It's important to have a will, but you can't take a tax deduction for writing one.
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It's important to have a will. If you die intestate, or without a will, your worldly goods are distributed to your heirs according to your state's rules of intestate succession. It's quite possible these aren't the people you want inheriting your estate. It's also important to have an attorney prepare your will, to ensure the document will stand up in probate court. However, you can't deduct will preparation fees on your income taxes.

Not Tax Deductible

The Internal Revenue Service doesn't allow the deduction of personal legal expenses, such as will preparation. Certain legal fees pertaining to business activities are deductible, but will preparation doesn't fall into that realm. Other nondeductible personal expenses, according to the IRS, include burial fees, home repairs, commuting expenses and political contributions.

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