What Is PCM Rent?

In the United States, summer vacation rentals may be rented PCM.

In the United States, summer vacation rentals may be rented PCM.

In Australia and European countries, typically, temporary lodging is often calculated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This breakdown of rates is perfect for backpackers or newlywed tourists needing a few weeks of affordable accommodations without a long-term lease. If you're searching the housing ads and come across a rental until offering to rent PCM, expect to stay in the area for at least four weeks.

Defining PCM

Apartments, houses and even rooms in a hostel can be rented PCM, or per calendar month. When this rate is quoted, it is assumed you will occupy the property for the full month. Before signing a contract, you will pay a deposit and a cleaning fee, both of which may be refunded at the end of the lease if all leasing conditions have been met. Read all rental contracts carefully, especially if you're in a foreign country, before signing.

Benefits of PCM

From families and students, to ambitious young graduates traveling the world, anyone can benefit from PCM rental options. A month-long stay in one region is perfect for summer school students attending workshops or anyone immersing themselves in a new culture. In the United States, monthly leases are usually based on 30-day increments, not the calendar month. This means a month containing 31 days will cost slightly more than a PCM rate.

Limitations of PCM

Since rental properties offered on a monthly basis have new tenants up to 12 times each year, they are often unfurnished. Plan on renting or buying basic necessities, such as beds, chairs, tables, bathroom supplies and cooking supplies. When signing a rental contact, ask if any furnishings are included. Sometimes a previous tenant will leave basic furniture behind for the next person to use.

Paying PCM

Short-term rentals may require a specific method of payment. Cash, a cashier's check or electronic debit withdrawals are common. Since bank checks can take up to two weeks to clear — or even longer if drawn from a foreign bank — landlords may not accept them as payment. With several pieces of identification, credit cards may be honored.


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