Who Pays Bride Expenses at Bachelorette Parties?

Everyone pitches in for a night on the town.
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Whether your bride-to-be bestie fancies a traditional bachelorette party -- think barhopping, a night at a strip club or a day at the spa -- or whether she wants something like salsa dancing lessons, disco bowling or a trip to Las Vegas, you need to think about finances. It can put the best bridesmaid organizer in a quandary the size of Canada to figure out proper etiquette for the bachelorette party. But do not fear; some protocol is involved.

A Night Out

All guests typically divide the cost of a night-on-the-town party between them. As the organizer, you can make any arrangements you like regarding how much everyone pays. For example, if you visualize a certain type of party that might cost more per guest than what you feel comfortable asking for, you can foot the bill for more of the party, and then tell the other guests the amount of their share, which would be less than what you paid. Figure the entire cost of the party, including transportation, a hotel and dinner. Also, include the cost for the bride. Make sure the amount you quote everyone includes her expenses, too.

Destination Party

Etiquette regarding who pays for the bride’s expenses when you are going on a destination trip is different. In this case, it is OK to ask the bride if she would pay for her trip out there and back. Guests should pitch in for the accommodations and activities once there. Unless the bride-to-be is a Bridezilla of the worst kind, she won't have a problem paying for part of this extravaganza.

Classic Home Party

For a classic home party, the maid of honor can host it by herself, or a group of bridesmaids can host it together. You would not charge guests to attend a home party. You and the other organizers would be responsible for providing the food, drinks, decorations and any entertainment.


As the planner, consider the guests’ budgets when planning the bachelorette party. It’s common for each guest to spend upwards of $150 for this special event. If that is too pricey for many guests, consider a more budget-friendly event such as a karaoke night or a slumber party. Consider buying the bride an inexpensive gift, too. A T-shirt or a more racy garment that commemorates the occasion is a nice touch.

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