How to Pay Somebody Else's Delinquent Property Tax in Texas

You don’t need to be the owner to pay the delinquent taxes on a property in Texas. The county where the property is located will accept payments from third parties (non-owners), as long as information about the property can be verified by the person who is paying. This is similar to the way escrow payments from mortgage companies are handled. When a portion of an owner’s mortgage payment is allocated to property tax, the mortgage company puts the tax payment in an escrow account and pays the property tax when it’s due.

Gather information about the property, including the owner’s name, the address for the property and the property tax account number. In most cases, you won’t need all this information because property searches can be conducted with just the property address or owner’s name, but if you have all this information, you can verify that your payment is being applied to the correct bill.

Go to the county assessor's office or website and locate the property tax account. The address and business hours for the assessor’s office can be found on its website or in your local directory.

Make your payment. The most convenient way to pay the delinquent property tax is to do so online, but you can also pay the bill in person at the assessor’s office during normal business hours. Online payment systems typically accept e-checks and debit or credit card payments. Some Texas counties charge a convenience fee to make the payment online, and some do not. The fee charged (if any) will be displayed before you make the payment. In most cases, there is no extra fee for payments made in person.

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