How to Pay New Car Taxes in Kansas

Buying a new vehicle is a taxable transaction in Kansas, and payment is due the day you register your ride. So, when you negotiate a price with the dealer, you'll have to factor in the extra money you'll need to spend in sales tax. As of 2012, the state sales tax rate was 6.3 percent, and counties and some cities tack on a little more for themselves.

Step 1

Pay taxes to the dealer if you are financing the car. You can roll the taxes into your monthly payment or save interest fees if you pay the taxes upfront. If you buy from a private party, you pay the taxes yourself.

Step 2

Take all appropriate documentation to your local Department of Motor Vehicles office. You need the title, proof of insurance, and Odometer Disclosure Statement to transfer ownership into your name. If you paid sales tax to the dealer, bring the tax receipt.

Step 3

Multiply the purchase price by the sales tax rate in your county. For example, in 2012, the rate was 7.3 percent in Sedgwick County, 7.45 percent in Shawnee County, and 7.8 percent in Wabaunsee. In Johnson County, the tax rate is 7.525.

Step 4

Check the Kansas Department of Revenue website to see if your city adds an additional tax. Enter your address or zip code, plus the four-digit extension code in the website's Sales and Use Tax Address Tax Rate Locator.

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