Organizations That Help Men With Child Support Problems

Organizations that assist father's with child support are vital to a child's well-being.
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Fathers who pay child support provide money for the care, support and education of their children. It generally involves a monthly payment that is either court ordered or in line with a written agreement between the parents. For the most part, fathers with child support responsibilities do not understand how the law works and often face difficult problems in the judicial system. A number of organizations assist dads in providing support to their children with less anxiety.


Dads Divorce is an online website that connects fathers with education, resources and advice regarding child support and divorce issues. The site is sponsored by Cordell & Cordell, the nation's largest men's divorce law firm. Divorce attorney Joseph Cordell provides a free regular podcast on support and divorce issues. A link to a child support calculator explains how much a father should be paying and when it should stop. The divorce forum allows posting of child support questions which are answered by family law attorneys and similar experts.


The legal documents involved with child support can be confusing and intimidating. However, the Father's Rights Foundation provides a do-it-yourself guide with sample pleadings and court document examples. The guide is designed for fathers who are pro se or represent themselves in a child support hearing. Since laws differ in every state, the guide provides a breakdown of multiple state child support laws and proven tactics to lower child support payments. Videos explain courtroom conduct and legal lingo used by judges and attorneys. Fathers can request attorney referrals or consultations for a fee.


Dealing with child support matters can be daunting. When you can't do it yourself, a father's rights attorney can represent your interests in all proceedings having to do with child support orders, calculations and modifications. The law offices of Cordell & Cordell, based in St. Louis, and the law offices of Chicago-based Jeffery M. Leving Ltd. are two nationally recognized authorities on the legal rights of fathers in child support and custody matters.


The National Center for Men operates a nationwide telephone counseling service. Affordable counseling is provided with a male-positive prospective. The center can offer expert analysis of your child support problem and look for creative solutions. There is a fee for counseling, depending on the type of session you need and how much paperwork must be reviewed. Counseling is confidential and sessions last two hours.

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