How to Obtain Statements From a Closed Bank Account

You can get bank statements from an old account.

You can get bank statements from an old account.

If you neglected to keep or cannot find statements from a closed bank account, that information can be retrieved. You may need a statement from an old or inactive account if you have been audited by the IRS, need to prove you made a payment, or need proof of income during the the time period the account was open. Each bank has its own policy for obtaining old bank statements, so expect minor variations at your bank.

Go the bank where you used to hold the account. Any branch will work for your purposes. In some cases, making the request online will also work, especially if the bank does not have a local branch.

Ask to speak to a bank manager or a personal banker because as a teller will not be able to help you with this in most cases.

Provide the old account number and proof that you are the account holder. This will require at the very least a state-issued photo identification card. Additionally, you may need to present a secondary form of identification such as a Social Security card or passport.

Request the statements for the months you need them. Depending on the bank's storage policy and the age of the account, this may be readily available or the bank may need to check its archives, which may take several days or week. Be prepared for a fee per page for this service.

Leave your contact information with the bank officer. The bank may ask you to return to pick up the statements or the statements may be mailed to you.

Items you will need

  • Proof of identity
  • Account number


  • Expect the process to take several weeks, especially if the account has been closed for quite some time.


  • If the account is more than ten years old, or the bank has gone out of business or been taken over by another bank, it may be extremely time-consuming and costly to find old statements.

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