How to Obtain a Copy of My Illinois 1099-G

If you’re an Illinois resident and need to know the gross amount of unemployment compensation you received during the year, you need a copy of your 1099-G. You’ll also need a 1099-G if you itemized deductions on your federal return last year and received an Illinois state tax refund. 1099-G forms for these types of income come from different state departments, so you need to request your 1099-G from the correct department.

Illinois Department of Employment Security

Step 1

Verify your request date. As of the date of publication, you can request a copy of your 1099-G for unemployment compensation after February 7.

Step 2

Request your 1099-G by phone. Call the Tele-Serve system at 888-337-7234 and select option 3, or call claimant services at 800-244-5631.

Step 3

Enter your Social Security number to access your account. After your account is verified, you can order your 1099-G for unemployment compensation.

Illinois Revenue

Step 1

Go to the Illinois Revenue website. 1099-G forms for state refunds are issued through the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Step 2

Click the “Look-up a 1099-G” link under the Individuals tab.

Step 3

Enter the inquiry site and provide your Social Security number. Click the “Start” button to begin your request.

Step 4

Print 1099-G information. If the state issued a 1099-G for you during the year, you can print the data after you enter the site. If the state did not issue a 1099-G for a state tax refund you received, you'll see a message that nothing is on file for your Social Security number and you won't be able to enter the site.

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