How to Notify the IRS of a Name Change

After getting married, the IRS has a simple process for changing your name.

After getting married, the IRS has a simple process for changing your name.

You’ll have lots of details to remember after a trip down the aisle, but one of the big ones may be a new name. If you don’t notify the Internal Revenue Service of a name change, the agency may flag your income tax return. Because the IRS matches your name with your Social Security number, the name change process begins with the Social Security Administration. The SSA will change your name in its records, which makes it possible for the IRS to process your income tax return with your new name.

Visit a Social Security Administration office in person to get Form SS-5 or visit the SSA website to download a printable SS-5. Print out the form, if applicable.

Complete the form with a blue or black ink pen. Enter the current date, your daytime telephone number, your mailing address and then sign the form.

Submit the form to the SSA, either in person at an SSA office or by mail. The SSA has a local office locator on its website, enabling you to enter your zip code to find the closest office to you. This local SSA office would accept your SS-5 form by mail or in person. Bring a certified copy of your marriage certificate or mail this document along with your SS-5 form. The SSA will mail you your new Social Security card – containing the same number but with your new name.


  • Use your new name on your income tax return – as long as you changed your name with the SSA, the IRS will connect your new name and your Social Security number to make the complete connection between your old and new name.

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