How to Get Your Name Off a Mortgage That You Co-Signed For

Refinance a mortgage to remove the co-signer.

Refinance a mortgage to remove the co-signer.

Co-signing a mortgage loan is a risky move. If your credit score is high and you've agreed to act as a co-signer for a younger sibling, friend or family member, you're on the hook if that person stops paying. You can have your name taken off of the loan, eventually. The person you co-signed for will have to work to improve his credit so the lender is willing to issue a mortgage in his name only.

Contact the bank or lender and ask to be released as the co-signer. Some lenders will review the main signatory's financial information and credit and agree to release the co-signer without the need to refinance the loan.

Review the credit history and score of the other person on the mortgage. If the lender doesn't agree to release you, your next move is to have the person who lives in the house refinance. Have him check his credit to see if his score is high enough to qualify on his own.

Improve the credit of the person you co-signed for. The other person should check his report for errors and inform the credit bureaus of those errors. If necessary, the other person will need to pay off outstanding debts and work to make on-time payments. If he's been paying his mortgage on time, that will help to boost his credit. Ideally, a person needs a score of at least 680 to qualify for a refinance, according to Bankrate.

Refinance the mortgage in the name of the other person only. The refinancing process is similar to the process used to get the original mortgage. The other person will have to provide proof of income, have his credit checked and have the home appraised to determine its value. Once the mortgage is refinanced, the original loan is closed and you are off the hook.


  • Even after your name is removed from a mortgage, the information will stay on your credit report, which can work in your favor if the other person paid his mortgage on time regularly.

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