How Much to Pay for Housecleaning?

Costs vary depending on services provided and the size of your home.
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Figuring out how much to pay for housecleaning requires careful consideration of the costs versus the benefits. Young couples with start-up careers may spend most of their time working in hopes of advancement. Understanding how much you should spend on housecleaning services allows you to maximize dollars. This, in turn, frees up time you would otherwise spend cleaning the house yourself, enabling you to focus on more important things, such as work and family.

Hourly Rates

Hourly rates vary according to the size of the company you use to clean your house. For example, a one-person operation may charge less than larger businesses in order to procure more business. Additionally, smaller companies may offer fewer services due to a lack of equipment and manpower. Larger housecleaning companies can charge upwards of $75 per hour for a a two-person crew to work for two hours, according to Jamar Remodeling Inc. Hourly rates from smaller companies and individuals may be less.

Flat Rates

Flat rates are one-time cleaning costs. This means instead of paying for housecleaning services on an hourly rate, you pay a fixed price. This fixed price varies depending on the size of your home. According to Cost Helper, a two-bedroom apartment with 900 square feet of floor space can cost anywhere from $74 to $200. The flat fee varies according to the size of the house.

Regular Cleaning

A one-time cleaning costs more than multiple cleanings for several reasons. First, subsequent cleanings require less rigorous work, since some areas of the house may still be clean. Second, companies tend to reward repeat costumers with reduced prices. With this in mind, purchasing regular housecleaning services should cause the hourly rate or flat fee to go down. Regular housekeeping services typically work on a flat fee basis.

Additional Services

Reputable housecleaning service companies outline exactly which services are offered. Go through the list of offered services to determine if the company can clean your entire house without incurring additional charges. For example, some companies do not include stove and refrigerator cleaning. These services may cost an additional $20 to $25, according to Cost Helper. Be prepared to pay more if you have additional cleaning requirements not covered by the housecleaning company's basic cleaning package.

Research And Compare

Prices tend to vary by location and the company used. This makes personal research an important factor in maximizing your dollars to receive the best services for what you spend. Call several different housecleaning services in your area to compare prices and the services offered for the price. Ask friends or search the Internet for reviews to help guide you as you make your decision on which company or which individual to use.

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