How Much Money Does an Average Family Spend on Cleaning Products in a Year?

In 2017, the average American family spent about $40 to $50 each month on cleaning supplies, roughly calculating to $600 a year. This amount is usually spent on cleaning supplies that have one-time use, not reusable or washable materials. While some household costs can vary regionally, most major cleaning brands are consistently priced and available across the country. It is necessary to examine this type of spending in order to inform your future decisions as a consumer.

Clean Clothes

The average family spends approximately $80 to $85 a year on detergents and soaps for laundry. This can be broken down to about $7 per month, or the cost of one to two bottles of detergent. This amount does not include the added expenses of dryer sheets and other laundry accessories, energy usage, appliances or laundromat fees, all of which contribute to a higher monthly cost.

Floors and Surfaces

With the convenience of replaceable mop heads and wet wipes, it is easy to overlook the added expense of one-use cleaning products. The monthly cost of surface cleaners varies according to cleaning habits and household size, ranging anywhere from $10 to $20 per month, or $120 to $240 per year. If you are looking to reduce this amount, consider purchasing a mop with a washable mop head or cloth kitchen rags. These materials may cost more initially, but they will earn back their worth through everyday usage. Cloth kitchen rags are a good option, as they are reusable, absorbent and washable and can easily replace paper towels or other cleansing wipes.

One common spending habit is to buy multiple types of household cleaners that do essentially the same thing. You can easily reduce the amount you spend by purchasing multipurpose cleaning supplies in bulk. Most households only need a few types of cleaning supplies, such as mopping liquid, bleach, glass cleaner, vinegar and baking soda.

Trash Bags

Despite what brand you purchase, your trash bags will cost approximately 7 to 10 cents each. If you use a trash bag every day or every other day, this can amount to about $3 each month or $36 a year. This amount may not break the bank; however, garbage bags are designed for single use before throwing out and can easily be overused. If you take the time to recycle and compost certain materials from your household, the amount that will end up in your trash can will decrease each month.

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