How Much Money Does an Average Family Spend on Cleaning Products in a Year?

Cleaning products account for 1.3 percent of the overall share of consumer costs.

Cleaning products account for 1.3 percent of the overall share of consumer costs.

Keeping clean is big business, generating more than $168 billion in annual revenue across the globe. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows annual spending on cleaning products rising steadily over the past three years — from $639 in 2007 to $659 in 2009.

Regions and Education

There are slight differences in cleaning supply spending based on both geography and education level of the consumer. Midwestern families spend around $680 a year, while families in the Western part of the U.S. spending only $638 a year. Families in the Northeast also spend less than those in the South as well, spending $640 a year versus $667 a year respectively. College graduates, for example, spent an average of more than $854 a year on cleaning supplies, versus those with an associate's degree or less spending only $573 a year.

Income Factors

Families who make more tend to spend more money on housekeeping supplies, according to the bureau. For instance, those with $150,000 or more in annual income spent an average of $1,500 a year on housekeeping supplies in 2009, while those with income of $40,000 to $50,000 only spent around $700. Another factor is whether the household is a renter or a homeowner. Homeowners spent an average of around $800 a year on cleaning supplies, while renters only spent around $374.


Adults under the age of 25 spent only $309 a year on cleaning supplies, representing the least of any age group. On the other hand, adults ages 55 to 64 spent $825 a year on cleaning supplies — the most of any age group. Although the overall trend shows that older age groups spending more on cleaning supplies, the bureau reports some differences. Those 65 and older only spend $682 a year on cleaning supplies and those 75 years and older spend even less — $584 a year.

Family Size

Data shows a correlation between the size of the household and the amount spent on housekeeping supplies. For instance, a household of one person in 2009 spent an average of $345 on cleaning supplies, while a household of five or more persons spent an average of $798 a year. Households with two, three or four persons spent nearly the same amount per year on cleaning supplies, with annual expenditures of $779, $771 and $803 respectively.


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