How Much Do Interior Decorators Cost?

An interior decorator will first have a consultation with clients to determine their expectations.

An interior decorator will first have a consultation with clients to determine their expectations.

Home decor is a top priority for many new homeowners. Most newly married couples want the interior style of their home to closely match their personalities. Always review the designer’s portfolio in addition to ascertaining the costs associated with hiring the designer. Most interior decorators evaluate their clients’ needs and expectations, and set their prices to cover the expected costs to purchase the materials and complete the job.


An interior decorator will first have a consultation with you and determine your expectations. This helps the decorator establish price terms and contract stipulations. Your interior decorator should provide you with an estimated timeframe to complete the project and explain all of the costs to complete the job during the estimated timeframe. Most decorators will require you to sign a written contract that includes all of the cost stipulations to ensure that you are both in agreement with the contract terms. The contract should also include the timeframe to complete the job and the costs for any design changes.

Cost Measures

Interior decorators may approach the costs issues differently. Some designers charge an hourly rate for the duration of the project. Others may set specific prices for different types of projects, and require their clients to pay for the jobs in advance. Also, some decorators require their clients to make a down payment towards the total costs and bill their clients on a periodic basis.

Project Materials

Many interior decorators will purchase the materials to complete the job from a wholesale distributor and require the clients to pay the markup price on the purchased materials; the markup price may range between 20 percent and 35 percent of the wholesale costs of the goods. Alternatively, some decorators may only charge for the work and require the clients to pay for materials upfront with no markup fee; this is usually more common with small decorating projects.

Complete Fees

Many interior decorators charge a flat fee or design fee for large projects and set a budget amount to cover all the services. Depending on the project, the budget amount could be as low as $5,000 and as high as $50,000. If the interior decorator needs to hire vendors or subcontractors, additional fees will be included in the budget amount. If the interior decorator charges for his services by the hour, the hourly rate may range between $50 and $200 per hour depending on the square footage of the space and the amount of work needed to complete the job.

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