How Much Does It Cost to Carpet One Room?

Carpet the room you spend the most time in first.

Carpet the room you spend the most time in first.

Reflect your personal style and perk up your living space by replacing an old carpet with a fresh, new one. Tackle one room at a time to stay within your budget. Don't forget that, in addition to the actual carpet, you'll also pay for padding, installation fees, and extras such as transitional pieces in the doorways of the room. These often overlooked costs can add up quickly.

Measuring the Room

To determine the cost of your room of carpet, measure the width and length of the room in yards. Then, add 20 percent to the figure to allow for uncommon cutouts, such as closets or doorways. Carpet is sold in individual square panels, by the square yard or by the square foot. Rolls of carpet come in widths of 12, 13 or 15 feet. If your room is wider than the width of one roll, your carpet will have a seam, which may cost extra if you choose to have the flooring installed by professionals.

Carpet Padding

Some carpet prices include a standard pad that lies under the carpet to give the flooring a softer feel. When checking prices, ask if a pad is included. If it is not, don't forgo this optional expense. A carpet pad helps preserve the carpet's lifespan and protects the flooring from wear and tear, according to the World Floor Covering Association. Ask the carpet salesperson how many types of pads are available to coordinate with the carpet you've chosen.

Transitional Pieces

Once you've chosen the carpet and pad, determine how many doorways are in the room. Each time the carpet ends and transitions to another type of flooring — such as tile or vinyl — you need transitional pieces. If the room you're carpeting has an exterior entry door, get a weather-resistant threshold so the door can seal properly when closed. These extra accessories can be plain or elaborate, depending on your decorating budget.

Hiring Installers

Decide if you're going to tackle this project yourself or hire carpet installers to lay the new flooring. Although making this remodel a do-it-yourself project saves money, it will take longer to complete than if you leave the job to professionals. Plus, you'll have to lift and move all furniture from the room, remove and dispose of the old flooring, clean the subflooring and maneuver the new carpet roll into your home. The process to prepare for new carpet may require a trip to the landfill and renting a floor cleaner — two more potentially significant expenses.


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