How to Find the Mortgage Holder of a House

A small county may have a book system for mortgages.

A small county may have a book system for mortgages.

If you want to know who holds a mortgage on a house, you can find out by checking the land records of the county or municipality in which it is located. Lenders file mortgages in the offices of land records of local governments, and these records are open to the public. The copy of the mortgage will show the borrower's name, the name and address of the holder and the address of the property. You'll need the correct spelling of the borrower's name to search the land records for the loan.

Get the borrower's name. Call the property tax collector responsible for the home's location if the borrower is the current owner. Give the tax collector the home's address and ask for the owner's name. Ask for the names of the previous owners if the mortgage belongs to a former owner. The property tax collector's office should have some of the prior owners' names, but it depends on how far back the current tax record system goes.

Visit the land records department of the appropriate local government. The clerk or recorder will have the land records. Check the local government's official website to find out where to go. Take the owner's name with you.

Ask a land records clerk for directions for searching the land records. The land records systems vary. Some land records offices use electronic records, while others have books you'll have to look through.

Search the land records for the owner's name. Follow the clerk's directions. A mortgage filed will appear under the owner's name in the land records. Look at the mortgage copy to identify the holder.


  • A mortgage holder might assign the mortgage to another person or lender. Ask the land records clerk for directions for assignment searches.
  • Some land records are maintained online. Check the clerk's official website for access to land records.


  • The local government may offer land record search services, but you'll have to pay for it. Rates vary.

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