What Month Is it the Cheapest to Fly to Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a global leisure destination.

Las Vegas is a global leisure destination.

Las Vegas is one of the most visited travel destinations in the United States. Like most other destinations, it has its high and low seasons and the cost of accommodations and flights fluctuate with the dates and times traveled. Knowing when you can find the cheapest tickets to Las Vegas can save you big on the cost of your trip and leave you some extra cash to lose at the casino.

When to Go

The travel lull between Thanksgiving and Christmas tends to bring empty planes and vacant hotel rooms to Las Vegas, two factors that lead inevitably to cheap flights and accommodations. A close second to December for an inexpensive Vegas vacation is August. The number of families that made their way to the area in June and July has slowed and a balmy 103 degree day is not an attraction for many.

Definite No-Gos

Holiday seasons are always the heaviest travel time of the year and flights to Las Vegas are no different. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve are all high traffic times, although the week between Christmas and New Year's is typically slower and flights and accommodations are less costly. College spring break periods between March and the start of summer vacation -- late May to mid-June for young students -- are times when flights to leisure destinations throughout the United States and beyond rise in cost.

When to Book

The cheapest airline fares are typically released in the wee hours of the morning as the airline computer systems reset and post new deals and low rates.Most airlines also release rates and discounted fares every Tuesday around 3 p.m. Eastern time, as the sales from the past week are tallied and the state of availability is measured across the board. Wait at your computer with credit card in hand to secure the cheapest rate as it appears. As a rule, whatever the month of travel, Tuesday and Wednesday flights tend to be cheaper than other days.

Which Airlines

A small number of budget airlines service Las Vegas and each of those carriers offer rates that are sometimes significantly lower than the big names all year round. The catch with the ultra low fares is the additional fees that add up if you bring luggage, want an assigned seat or a soft drink or snack on board. In the winter months the amount of clothing you bring with you is greater and typically requires a suitcase to manage it all. This extra expense can make travel on budget airlines in the summer months more economical than that in the winter. When booking your flight, avoid using third party travel companies exclusively. Some of the airlines can only be booked through their own company sites.

Flight Patterns

Over the years the number of flights servicing Las Vegas Airport has been cut rather dramatically. While the number of flights heading into Las Vegas is at its highest during the summer months, so is the demand. The result is fewer flight options, higher demand and less chance of a good deal. This combined with the cost of fuel has caused prices to rise rather than fall and the task of finding cheap fares at any time has become that much more difficult.


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