Making Your Own Wedding Bouquet Vs. Buying

To buy or not to buy, that is the question.
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The bouquet is a focal point in the wedding processional, pictures and the big toss at the end of the reception. Professional florists combine knowledge of flowers with expertise in design to create memorable wedding bouquets, but many a modern bride chooses to make her own bouquet to trim the budget and create exactly what she wants. It might not be a difficult decision, but there are a few factors to consider.


The design of the wedding bouquet can be as simple as a bunch of wildflowers gathered with a ribbon to an intricate pattern of carefully chosen blooms. Whether the bouquet will be monochrome or multicolored, fresh or silk, long-stemmed or bobbed, it must be what you want on your special day. Choosing to buy a bouquet requires you to communicate your wishes to the florist so the end result meets your expectations and complements all the other elements of your wedding. If you make your own bouquet, the creation is your own down to the last detail. If you have a green thumb, you can even grow your own flowers.


Professional florists use commercial coolers to keep live flowers fresh and wilt-free. If you choose to create your own wedding bouquet from fresh flowers, you need to make arrangements to keep it chilled until right before the ceremony. This can present challenges at destination weddings or if you are not traveling directly from home to the ceremony site.

Making your own bouquet also entails transporting it safely to the ceremony. Flowers are delicate and can be crushed or damaged easily. Be sure the bouquet is transported in a sturdy container designed to prevent it from being jostled.


The list of tasks leading up to the day of the wedding is long and arduous. If you choose to have the wedding bouquet done by a florist, it is one task basically crossed off the list. Once you meet with the florist and come to agreement on what you want in the bouquet, your job is done until it is time to carry it down the aisle. The florist will deliver the bouquet shortly before the ceremony. If you choose to make the bouquet, time must be scheduled to purchase the flowers and create the bouquet, though it should be done as close to the wedding day as possible.


An alternative to a fresh flower bouquet is silk flowers. Silk flowers are so sophisticated and created with intricate details, it is difficult for the naked eye to realize they are artificial without close inspection. The advantages to using silk flowers are numerous. They don't wilt, do not need water, are sturdier than fresh blooms and will last forever if you want to keep your bouquet as a memento of your special day. Whether you choose to buy your bouquet or make it yourself, silk flowers are available in all varieties no matter the time of year.

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