How to Make a Cheap and Artsy Teenage Room

A space to be creative is fundamental to the artsy teen.
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Teens' rooms are the only space they call their own. Their rooms should reflect their personal style and taste. For the artsy teen, bold colors and mismatched pieces add to the feel of creativity in the space. When you're working with a budget, target a few simple projects that can be completed with a minimal investment of dollars.

A Coat Of Paint

Engage your teen in painting her room to match her artistic style. Use chalkboard paint in one section or even an entire wall, so she can sketch out ideas or jot out notes for poems, stories or other creative endeavors. A bulletin board can hold photos or torn-out magazine pages of famous artists' work or other sources of inspiration. Painting one wall in a dramatic color can enhance the creative feel of a room. If your family is a bit more daring, paint a mural or original piece of art on the walls.

Refresh Some Antiques

Eclectic style is usually appropriate in a room with an artsy theme. Scope out flea markets, garage sales and secondhand shops with your teen to find pieces you and he can use to add a touch of practicality and flair to his room. Add cloth fringes and beading to old lamps, sponge paint an old side table and choose attractive prints and pieces of unique artwork to hang on the walls.

Sew Up Some Fabric

Old fabric from secondhand stores or retailer off-sales can be transformed into unique and artsy bedspreads, curtains or wall hangings. Use fabric that is mismatched but still complementary to add a distinctive edge to the room's color scheme. Staple patterned fabric to a canvas and mount it on the wall. Rummage through your old clothes; your teen may be able to transform an old dress into a skirt for a chair or table.

A Place For Creativity

If your teen is a budding artist herself, create an organized and functional space for her to engage in her work. Browse an inexpensive large big box store or secondhand shop for a table or workspace with drawers underneath to keep supplies accessible and in order. Additional shelving can hold items of inspiration for your teen, such as completed pieces or a device for playing music.

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