List of Investment Boutiques

Investment boutiques cater to smaller customers.
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Investment boutiques are small investment management firms and banks that customize their products and services according to a particular market niche. Since they lack the resources of larger banks and brokerages, the majority of their services are very tailored and limited to particular financial avenues.


Evercore, founded in 1996, provides advisory services for mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, restructuring, and diversification plans for businesses that seek to expand or become more efficient. The firm also assists clients with asset and wealth management. In addition, it helps foundations, charities and other organizations manage pension funds, endowments and investments.

BB&T Capital Markets

BB&T dates back to the end of the Civil War. In its infancy BB&T handled municipal investments to build schools and other infrastructure projects. Today, the firm handles a broader range of products that are customized to fit the small retail investor. BB&T's staff offers clients a chance to enter investment doorways that might have been previously closed to them, such as niche mutual funds, bulk bonds and other financial vehicles. The firm also offers money management and banking services.

Perella Weinberg Partners

Perella Weinberg was founded in 2006 by money management advisors Joseph Perella, Terry Meguid and Peter Weinberg. The firm focuses on investment advice and asset management and works to ensure that clients are involved in each step of the process. It advises companies and investors on acquisitions, divestitures, mergers and shareholder relations. It also advises on financial restructuring and capital allocation.

Greenhill & Co.

Greenhill & Company was founded in 1996 by the Robert Greenhill, the former president of Morgan Stanley. It is staffed with specialized professionals who handle investments within their own particular geographical and industry niche. Greenhill has chosen to focus on investment advice instread of lending, research and trading. The goal is to simplify the investment process while providing clients with accurate information to guide them in making financial decisions.

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