How do I Learn the Basics of the Stock Market Before Investing Everything?

You should not take a risky move like investing all the cash you have in the stock market without knowing at least the basics of investing. As with any risk, you have to do your "due diligence," or homework, before stepping in. Luckily, a number of websites provide information on the basics of the stock market so you can learn as you sip cocoa at home. You can also attend a class given near your home. Take your time and develop a strategy before you act. It is best to consult a financial professional before putting all your money into the stock market.

Step 1

Learn the basics of the stock market at TheStreet University online. The website has a specific section on stocks, through which you can sort for information. You can start by clicking the "Getting Started with Stocks" link to pull up articles on investing basics, and then move onto more complicated matters, like trading on the margin, IPOs and stock splits. The website also offers a reference library for you to look up terms and hear from experts in the field.

Step 2

Navigate the Share Market Basics website to learn the ABCs of stock market investing. The website contains a listing of articles detailing common concepts of trading. It also has a separate "Stocks & Shares Education Centre" where you can learn more about stock market terms. View a tag cloud area that highlights common trading terms with the most commonly requested terms in large or highlighted print.

Step 3

Enroll in courses at the Trader Training School. The school offers beginners courses on stock investing that address seven key areas of focus. The subject matter of the curriculum seeks to address the question, "How do I start to invest my money?" comprehensively. Find an upcoming course in a city near you on a date you can attend. Some classes have multiple sessions.

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