Do Insurance Companies Ask for the Marriage Certificate as a Proof of Marriage?

Insurance providers will ask for several documents to prove your new married status.
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Becoming newlyweds means you'll share even more than before. Get ready to divide the driveway, closet space and insurance policies. After you've said "I do," contact the insurance company to add your new spouse to health, home, life and vehicle policies. Before running over to the agent's office, you'll need a few pieces of paperwork to make the insurance updates official.

Required Paperwork

In addition to current Social Security cards for you and your spouse -- showing any name changes if applicable -- you'll also present your official marriage certificate as proof of marriage. If you received several documents from your wedding officiate, use the notarized marriage certificate. This is on watermarked paper, typed in a plain text font, and is overall less decorative than the frame-ready certificate signed by your witnesses and officiate on the day of the wedding ceremony.

Which Policy to Use

If both of you have access to health insurance, evaluate both options. The Idaho Department of Insurance suggests newlyweds get a current quote from each insurance provider and compare the policies for pre-existing condition exclusions, maternity coverage and any specific enrollment requirements. For example, some companies require a physical assessment for proof of insurability before they will cover a new spouse.

Adding Dependents

Do you already have children or guardianship over a dependent? If the insurance plan offers coverage for dependents, the Affordable Care Act ensures health insurance coverage for dependents until they turn 26 years old, despite their marital, employment or financial status. The dependents will also need to be added to life insurance policies, if deemed a beneficiary. Since they are not documented on the marriage certificate, you will have to provide additional paperwork to insurance companies for these dependents. Birth certificates, document proving legal guardianship and/or adoption papers are the standard requirements.

When to File

As soon as you have the official marriage certificate, file for changes to your insurance due to this life changing event. Some states will present the official document at the time of the marriage, while others mail the document after the ceremony. You will also use the official marriage certificate to obtain a new state identification card or driver's license and a Social Security card. The sooner you request these new forms of identification, the sooner you can update your insurance policies.

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