Ideas for Beautiful Wedding Decorations & Gifts on a Small Budget

Beautiful weddings are possible on any budget.
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Your dreams can sometimes outrun your budget when you're planning a wedding. You might think having a beautiful wedding is impossible on a small budget, but ,with a little research, creativity and patience, you can pull it off. Saving money on decorations and gifts doesn't mean they have to actually look cheap either.

Do It Yourself

Making your own wedding decorations is one of the best ways to save money. Another bonus of the do-it-yourself route is your wedding will be custom; after all, you can't go out and buy your one-of-a-kind creation at a store. Also, you can re-purpose things you already have. For example, you can paint a wine bottle and use it as a centerpiece vase. Visit craft, thrift and antique stores to find decorative items at a low cost.


Flowers can take up a huge chunk of a wedding budget. If you want to have live flowers, go with something in-season. Using out-of-season flowers will cost you a lot more. While a professional florist is nice to have, you can make your own arrangements to save money. Get live flowers from a wholesaler, or use silk flowers. They look almost identical to the real thing, are less expensive, and won't wilt.

Buy Used

After the wedding is over, some newlyweds choose to sell their leftover decorations on websites dedicated to such items. It may be worth your time to check out such sites for deals on everything from candle holders to wedding dresses. You could luck out and find something used in great condition and just as beautiful as something new.


You can still give a meaningful gift to your wedding guests without breaking the budget. Simple favors such as candies are relatively cheap, and can be wrapped in a nice bag with decorations. For music, burn a CD of your favorite songs, or the wedding songs, and offer it as a favor. CDs are not costly, and most of the songs can be downloaded for a small fee.

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