Household Items Checklist for Newlyweds

All newlyweds should have a good blender.
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Newlyweds just starting out need many things to establish their new home. It helps to walk through each area of the house and make note of everything you need in each room. Next, take a good look at what you already have and cross those things off your list. What’s left will be a checklist of what to get as you establish your new home together.


Basic utensils such as knives, spatulas, wooden spoons and other mixing or serving items are necessary in every home. Include basic essentials such as potholders and oven mitts, dishtowels, a meat thermometer and a cutting board. You'll also need a selection of pots and pans, including baking pans and at least one large frying pan. Small appliances such as a microwave, a mixer with mixing bowls, and a blender are also helpful items for newlyweds.

Dining Room

Dishes, glasses and flatware are dining room essentials, and every home should have a service for eight as a minimum. Each place setting should include a dinner plate, lunch or salad plate, bowl, saucer, cup, and a full set of flatware. You'll also need water glasses and any glassware that fits your lifestyle, such as wine glasses or mixed-drink tumblers. A tablecloth, a set of place mats, cloth napkins and a table runner round out dining room necessities.

Bedroom and Bathroom

Get at least one or two sets of top and bottom sheets sized to fit your bed. Don’t forget pillows, pillowcases, blankets, a comforter and a bedspread. Every bathroom should have enough towels and washcloths for each of you to have clean extras. It won't hurt to have a few more towels on hand for any guests. Finally, for either room or both, you must have a full-length mirror.


If you're starting out as a couple or living single, there are some basic items you should have for a new home. A full-sized ironing board and a good steam iron, a rack to dry sweaters and aromatic cedar blocks help keep your clothes in top shape. A flashlight, spare batteries and candles are all helpful should the power go out, and keep a first aid kit in the bathroom or kitchen for emergencies. A good vacuum cleaner that can also remove dust from furniture and drapes will make it easier to keep the home clean.

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