Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Vandalism to Your Car in the Driveway?

The fine print of home and auto policies impacts your benefits with vandalism situations.

The fine print of home and auto policies impacts your benefits with vandalism situations.

Having a car vandalized right in front of your house is frustrating enough. Having no financial recourse for the damage would only compound the issue. Fortunately, vandalism is usually covered under your comprehensive car insurance. If the vandal damages or steals valuables from inside the car, then your homeowners policy may come into play.

Comprehensive Benefits

The comprehensive component of an auto policy covers most types of vehicle damage aside from collisions. Vandalism and theft are normally covered. This component isn't automatic, however. Most states require that you carry liability coverage, but you have to elect to have collision and comprehensive benefits. Carrying comprehensive protection is normally a good idea if your vehicle is valuable and vandals do significant damage.

Damaged or Stolen Items

While your homeowners policy typically doesn't offer any protection for the damage to your vehicle, it might cover items you have in the car that get damaged or stolen. If a vandal breaks a window, and that damages electronics in the car, for instance, your home policy might kick in. Contents protection is a common element in a home insurance plan. This component pays for lost or damaged personal items. Usually, the protection extends to items outside of the home, such as in a car.

Home Coverage Limitations

The location of your vehicle may make things a bit dicier. Some home policies significantly limit benefits payments when you have personal items damaged or stolen away from your home. The "Personal Property" section of your policy should indicate how damaged or stolen items in a car parked in your driveway are treated. You are better off if the insurer treats this situation as an event taking place at your home.

Insurance Deductibles

The significance of the damage to the vehicle and valuables may impact whether you file a claim. You normally have a deductible from $250 to $1,000 on auto comprehensive coverage. Similarly, home policies commonly have deductibles from $250 to $2,000. If the vandals caused moderate damage of just a few hundred dollars, it might make more sense just to pay for the repairs out-of-pocket rather than file a claim.


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