Does Homeowner Insurance Cover a Fallen Tree on my Fence?

You’ve finally moved into your dream home, with a lovely picket fence and a shady, fruitful tree in your yard. Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans for the tree. Strong winds came roaring through. They uprooted the tree and landed it squarely on your fence. Lucky for you, you took out homeowner's insurance. Your fence is covered, but you may have some details to go over with the insurance company


Homeowner's insurance covers every part of your property, inside and out. So, the fence taken out by the tree is covered. If the same tree also dents your roof and garage, the insurance covers that too. You simply have to file a claim with your insurer.


Once you file a claim, your insurance company will assess the damaged fence, determine if and how much it'll pay for the repair. If the insurer will cover it, you'll be responsible for the deductible which varies per policy. Some policies have a separate deductible for damage caused by hurricanes, which is based on a certain percent of the insured value. Check your policy to see if you have a hurricane deductible and find out how your insurance company defines a hurricane.

Other Expenses

You're on your own if you want to put the tree back where it belongs. Most insurance company policies are only about putting damaged property back in place, not whatever brought it down. You may need a tree expert for something else too -- insurance companies will pay only so much to even physically remove the tree from the fence.

Neighbor's Tree

If someone else's tree falls on your fence, you'll have to file the claim with your insurance company. You can file a claim with your neighbor’s insurance company, but that may not be the best option if that relationship matters to you. You'll only get your money if you prove your neighbor was negligent, and knew the tree could fall on your land.

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