Frugal Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Inexpensive tiles are one idea for a frugal backsplash..
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After purchasing the new (or new to you) stove, refrigerator and dishwasher for your kitchen remodeling project and refinishing your cabinets, money for a backsplash might be hard to come by. But the thought of putting in your new appliances with your old backsplash from the 1970s just doesn't make any sense. Take a trip to the home improvement store to find supplies for frugal ways to create a backsplash for your renovated space.

Beaded Board

Beaded board is an inexpensive option for any kitchen backsplash. It's available at any home improvement store or lumber yard and can even be trimmed to fit as you purchase it. Painting it to match or complement your kitchen is a traditional way of finishing it, but alternatives are to stain it or varnish it to get a preferred finish. For non-traditional appeal, beaded board may be run horizontally to create a much more modern look.


Sheets of paneling are usually available inexpensively at a home improvement store. The sheets can be cut easily using a utility knife. Paneling comes in many different patterns, so you should find one that will suit nearly any kitchen. Tile, brick, wood and stone patterns are available to accent your kitchen's decor. If your paneling will be placed in an area that is subject to moisture, sealing it is an effective way to protect it and make it last longer.

Aluminum Flashing

Aluminum flashing used for roofing provides a modern, sleek backsplash that is resistant to moisture and staining. Flashing is available in sheets from any lumber yard or home improvement store and can be easily scored and cut to fit with a utility knife. Putting the flashing up on your wall is easily done -- simply adhere it with silicone, liquid nails, pop rivets or small screws or nails.


A mosaic backsplash can display your creativity and be functional at the same time. Using broken glass, broken tiles, pottery pieces, marbles or pebbles can create a unique backsplash for your kitchen. The mosaic pieces can be pressed into mortar that is spread onto your wall using a trowel. Once the items have been stuck into the mortar and had a chance to dry, spread grout around them to set them. Seal the grout to protect it from stains and moisture.


Tile is usually a more expensive alternative for a backsplash, however many home improvement stores or home salvage centers have mismatched, broken or unsatisfactory tiles. Use your creativity to create your own pattern from these tiles. Common colors, shapes or textures are something to look for when selecting mismatched tiles.

Vinyl Laminate

Usually used for flooring, vinyl laminate can make an excellent choice for a backsplash. Resistant to moisture and most stains, it can be cut to fit your space easily and stuck onto your wall using liquid nails or silicone. Tile patterns are common among vinyl laminates.

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