Frugal Alternatives for a Humidifier

You can humidify the air in your home inexpensively.
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You and your spouse will purchase many items for your home over the years but a humidifier does not have to be one of them. Central humidifiers can increase moisture in the air throughout your home but at a considerable cost, and room humidifiers often attract mold. Fortunately, there are affordable and safer alternatives to commercial humidifiers. Most of these solutions only require items that you already have.

Bowls of Water

Heating your home in cold weather has the unfortunate side effect of causing dryness in the air. You can combat this by placing shallow bowls of water around your home and close to heat sources, such as a heaters and heating vents. The heat evaporates the water, which adds the water molecules to the air. If you have a radiator, you can place a kettle of water or a heat-safe container on top to generate steam. You could also keep a pot of water slowly boiling on the stove and let the steam humidify the air. If you do try this technique, it would be best to keep a watchful eye on the stove and be mindful of your gas or electric bill.


Plants release moisture into the air during the natural process of transpiration and you can use this to your advantage. The drier the air, the more moisture the plants give off. Place potted houseplants at different locations around your home. You can group them together to increase the amount of moisture released but ensure that there is enough space between them for air circulation.


Skip the dryer and hang wet clothes indoors to dry. The water is released into the air as the fabric dries on racks. Spread the wet laundry on racks around the rooms in your home where you need more moisture. You could also hang a damp towel in your room.


Leave the bathroom door open when you take showers so the moisture can add humidity to the air. Consider closing the bathroom window when you shower to force the damp air into the rest of your home.

Indoor Fountains

Small indoor fountains are considerably less expensive than a home humidifier. The constant running water adds moisture to the air safely. Indoor fountains also add to the decor and ambiance in the home.

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